Performative Lecture + WIEDER-Aufbau 6

Sunday, 14 December, 19h, HOTELbich

The Brussels based writer Bruno De Wachter will be giving a lecture-performance, elaborating on his 30 days walk from Brussels to Paris:
(Please note that this lecture is spoken in Dutch!)

“Ik wilde een lijn trekken tussen beide steden en elk detail dat op die lijn ligt,
registreren met mijn eigen ogen. De afstand afmeten met mijn eigen benen.
Mijn huisdeur achter mij dichttrekken, wandelen tot bij de Notre-Dame,
en terugkeren met de Thalys in een uur en twintig minuten.
Het werd een verrassende tocht van dertig dagen,
die mijn gevoel voor tijd, afstand en snelheid danig heeft aangescherpt.”

WIEDER-Aufbau 6
In the second floor composer Simon Steen-Andersen, artist in residency of HOTELbich,
will show the installation LOLOOPOP:

LOLOOPOP (2006) consists of 2 visual loops and 3 audio loops.
The different durations of the loops –all between 3 and 4.5 minutes– make sure that the
primary layers won't meet at the exact same point before after 52
years, 211 days, 4 hours, 15 minutes and 36 seconds...

LOLOOPOP is the result of a close collaboration between Simon
Steen-Andersen and visual artist Carl Krull.

WIEDER-Aufbau 5

Sunday, 7 December 2008

19h-23h: Julien Grossmann, 'Les Traversées', installation on two floors.
20h: Tomma Wessel + Ines Rasbach new score music on huge recorders!
21h Simon Steen-Andersen, audio-visual bonus piece by the new and last resident of HOTELbich!

19h - 23h Bar, of course.

Simon Steen-Andersen is a danish composer
and the new and last resident of HOTELbich!
Julien Grossmann is a french artist
and advized by James Beckett.
Tomma Wessel and Ines Rasbach are german recorder players
and specialized in contemporary score music.
Recorders are, by the way, wooden flutes and no recording machines!


In 1925, the Russian constructivist Rodchenko installed his prototype of a "Worker's Club" in Paris; a utopian interactive statement for socialist culture.

Times have changed, but socialism might recently have got another chance through the current financial crisis, somehow.

Let us seize this opportunity and see how a Worker's Club could be constructed today. Nicolas Galeazzi will invite several people during his one-week residency at HOTELbich to develop Rodchenko's idea through our contemporary visions.

On Saturday afternoon, 17h-20h, we will open the new Worker's Club to the public and invite them to test it while sharing a round of drinks and Christmas cookies among comrades.

S’ACOBLA plays HOTELbich

2+2 musicians, who appeard already in various musical contexts, go with their new formation for wierdly transformed noise-pop with catalan lyrics (translated). Beautiful and absurd!

Nico Roig : Guitar, voice.
Miquel Casaponsa: Guitar, voice.

+ Guests:

Thomas Giry: Drums, bass and electronics.
Igaki Akiko: Violin, voice, accordion, keyboard.

The concert takes place during the SPIP-Media Ateliers (21-23 Nov).

I need a witness to perform

Kajsa Sandström (SE) and David Bergé (BE/DE) will have this weekend the shortest residency of HOTELbich ever. They are in the middle of a reharsel process for their new piece, which they will premier at Weld in Stockholm 13 December. At HOTELbich they will make an informal showing on sunday, 16 Nov, 4pm.

”The desire to work together comes from a common interest in bringing performative elements into another frame than the theater. Looking for ways where photography, the process of recording images, can merge with movement and stagepresence.”

Read more about I need a witness to perform

WIEDER-Aufbau 4

Wednesday, 12 Nov 2008, 20:30

in-betweenissage - show - two videos and all for the sake of sound:

with the presentation of Jérôme Porspergers expo,
a performance by the current resident Boris Baltschun
and an 'wiederaufgebaute' (reconstructed) installation by Baltschun/Helbich.

Jérôme Porsperger, Brussels
Do you know: pa papa papapapapapa? (2008)
nine A0 prints, one CD player
Jérôme Porsperge
opera autorouta (2008)
Boris Baltschun, Berlin, current resident of HOTELbich
bruoc sella pre-listening (2008)
sound-art performance
Boris Baltschun + David Helbich (Brussels)
There are many ways of saying Gleichzeitigkeit (2005)
dubble video-sound installation
+ Noises (2009)
DJ set Boris Baltschun

"I wish you free time but work!"

HOTELBichs FREI-Zeit presents the partYvent:

A-G Institut (Hamburg) feat. The Grumbling Audience
"Post-Punk pour en finir avec le travail"
Friday, October 24, 2008 at 10:05pm - Saturday, October 25, 2008 at 4:25am

After two weeks of residency, Gustave Inc. organises a party around the results of his inquiry into The Structural Creation of Free Time during at Work. Next to crazy dancing and controlled drinking, you'll get in touch with some strategies to avoid work. For example by checking out this party!
Read also the request of Gustave Inc. below!

PARCOURS 3: Tourist in your Own City

19 October 2008, Sunday:
PARCOURS is a collaboration between four North-Brussels based organizations: Compilothèque, Eléphant, Void*ptr en HOTELbich.

PARCOURS 3 will have an overarching theme: "Tourist in your own city", which will be refined also during the next parcours organized at the end of November and the beginning of January. With psycho-geographical, photographical, political, joyful and simply touristic concepts this PARCOURS aims to give new meanings to the streets of Schaerbeek.

PARCOURS is free of charge, you can join in at any time. Food and drinks will be sold at reasonable prices. Bring your digital photo camera!

Programm here:

HALB-Zeit - Sunday, 5 Oct., 7 pm

HOTELbich totally belives in the following combination of musical performance:

Larkin Grimm plays Larkin Grimms songs
Matthias Koole, Katlijne Lanneau play David Helbich + Gabriele Manca

Larkin Grimm (USA) (experimental folk) played a fantastic concert in La Compilothèque last month. The Brussels audience have all the luck in the world that she\'s coming back! She will be sharing her fairy-like world and amazing voice during an acoustic concert in HOTELbich.

The young and virtuos guitar/recorder (that's a flute and not a tape machine...) duo Koole/Lanneau plays two pieces of very differnet concepts. Still, both are writen score music.

- Duo Di Follia by G.Manca (Italy) is a 5 minutes crazy house piece in high registers, writen in 1992 or 1995 or 2000 or 2005 (says the internet...).

- In Stein (ca. 7 min), by the consierge of HOTELbich, is a half free score: real notes and actions, but the time is organised by the players reading silently a text while playing. In the end performative gestures take slowy over. Its from 1999, so very old music form a still very young composer!

After the concert the bar will stay open. And don't forget: HALB-Zeit = still 3 month to go!

(pictures by Tine Declerck)

Score of In Stein, first page:

BELGACOMt niet...

24th of september. the new date. amazing. we got a date...
Will they fill this

gap in our lives?

or NOT?

25 Sept 2008:


"Welcome home, Internet!"
11th September 2008, somewhere between 12h - 17h
Waiting for the guy from Belgacom, who promised to finaly solve our 3 month old problem of isolation.

"We belive him this time!!
We will await him!!
We will celebrate him!
He is the way! - Welcome, Internet!"



there are cool videos on facebook, too.

PARCOURS 2: Sun, 31 August 2008

Again together with Compilothèque, L'Eléphant and void*ptr (Pieter Heremans) we organised a day with art, entertainment and food, all connected by experimental walks and games (!) between the 4 places. The special thing this time: we exchanged the places among the organisations! At the end of the day we passed the baton on to a constant event.

>11:00 L'Eléphant at HOTELbich
(Rue Gallaitstraat 80, 1030 Brussels): brunch - exhibition Laurent De Meyer "morceaux choisis" part 1, music by David Rolo, projection of Delphine Mathy

>walk #1: start ca. 13h: exectution of three-sided footbal game by Asger Jorn

>14:15 Void*Ptr at L'Eléphant
(Rue Thiéfrystraat 53, 1030 Brussels): installation and performance audio-offset
>walk #2: start ca. 15:15: walk-choreography

>16:00 la Compilothèque at Void*Ptr
(Avenue Princesse Elisabethlaan 46, 1030 Brussels): "installation ré-hydratante" and concert by Benjamin Franklin
>walk #3: start ca. 16:45: magic theatre on the road by David Néaud + "multiple" by Lotte Van den Audenaeren -
>17:30 HOTELbich at La Compilothèque
(Quai des Péniches/Akenkaai 50, 1000 Brussels): contemporary performance stuff met Benjamin Vandewalle/David Helbich and snacks by oscar, Travis and Katja

>19:00 Sci-fi-pic-nic organised by Constant vzw
FREE ENTRANCE FOR EVERY EVENT - drinks and food to be payed

and a special picture collection here!
and on the constant-site!

and a video!:

parcours#2 from drolo box on Vimeo.

WIEDER-Aufbau 3

Sunday, 3 August 2008
13h !! an easy-peasy vacation gathering at HOTELbich

Joanna Bailie + Christoph Ragg re-open their:
Camera Obscura (with totally new soundtrack by Bailie!)
Same trick, but different light, different light angel. And: still stunningly beautiful! Before we break it down let's enjoy once more.
Travis Robertson invites to:
A viewing of selected episodes from Satoshi Kon’s ‘Paranoia Agent’
‘Everybody is manipulated by the media, what a bunch of idiots.’ – Yuichi Taira

"A young boy with a baseball bat supposedly attacks a famous character designer under extreme stress to replicate her past success. News of the attack spreads through the media and internet, and enters the minds of the populace.
The assaults continue on people suffering from unbearable emotional and mental stress on the edge of nervous breakdown. By becoming victims, they are freed from their mental and emotional anguish, they are saved.
The nature of our hero /attacker’s persona increases, along with his power, as we follow the investigation of the attacks, victims, and the rumors that circulate.
Paranoia Agent explores post-modern societal issues of the mimetic influence of media, escapism, and consumer culture." (T. Robertson, artist under the roof of HOTELbich till end september)
Rinah Lang hides again in the:
Live Instant Portrait Machine
You remember? Sit down on the chair - insert (whatever) coin - keep quiet in one position - Portrait will be finished when released out the rip - keep smiling!
Christoph Ragg makes:
Crêpes without gluten!
adable also without gluten-allergy, it seems.
David Helbich serves:

interessting articels about the (anti-)manga shown on sunday:
"Entertainment Re-oriented: Atomic Pop Pt. II: Hello Kitty and the Rape of Nanking"
Satoshi Kon interview

HOTELbich Wieder-Aufbau 3

PARCOURS 20 July 2008

HOTELbich-Parcours 20 Jul

please send, upload, publish your pictures, if you have more. we for example miss very much pictures form void*ptr and the second walk!

VORGESCHMACK 28 june 2008

" in the name of Arbeit + Freizeit "
6 months of residencies / exhibitions / events
David Helbich presents :

A foretaste of 6 month HOTELbich:
28 June 2008 from: 19:00 until ... rue Gallaitstraat 80 – 1030 Brussels

from 19h-22h
Feldküche : serves dishes for 6 euros (sold-out!!)
between 20h30-23h30
Travis Robertson (first artist in residence) : welcome installation
VINZ : concert
Miriam Rohde & HOTELbich : performative presentation
Benjamin Vandewalle, Nicolas Baeyens & David Helbich : going Fluxus
La Compilothèque, L'Eléphant, Void*point & HOTELbich : parcours announcement
Crap{eye} : furnishings & installation
The Temporary Institute : book presentation
Oscar Miller : naming + "welcoming our artist in residence"
WIEDER-Aufbau 1 : first reconstruction expo
from 21h30 - late
Ju & his special guest SchiZophoniC : turning the tables
Gottfried Wendehals : Polonäse


HOTELbichs VORgeschmack