WIEDER-Aufbau 5

Sunday, 7 December 2008

19h-23h: Julien Grossmann, 'Les Traversées', installation on two floors.
20h: Tomma Wessel + Ines Rasbach new score music on huge recorders!
21h Simon Steen-Andersen, audio-visual bonus piece by the new and last resident of HOTELbich!

19h - 23h Bar, of course.

Simon Steen-Andersen is a danish composer
and the new and last resident of HOTELbich!
Julien Grossmann is a french artist
and advized by James Beckett.
Tomma Wessel and Ines Rasbach are german recorder players
and specialized in contemporary score music.
Recorders are, by the way, wooden flutes and no recording machines!

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