In 1925, the Russian constructivist Rodchenko installed his prototype of a "Worker's Club" in Paris; a utopian interactive statement for socialist culture.

Times have changed, but socialism might recently have got another chance through the current financial crisis, somehow.

Let us seize this opportunity and see how a Worker's Club could be constructed today. Nicolas Galeazzi will invite several people during his one-week residency at HOTELbich to develop Rodchenko's idea through our contemporary visions.

On Saturday afternoon, 17h-20h, we will open the new Worker's Club to the public and invite them to test it while sharing a round of drinks and Christmas cookies among comrades.

S’ACOBLA plays HOTELbich

2+2 musicians, who appeard already in various musical contexts, go with their new formation for wierdly transformed noise-pop with catalan lyrics (translated). Beautiful and absurd!

Nico Roig : Guitar, voice.
Miquel Casaponsa: Guitar, voice.

+ Guests:

Thomas Giry: Drums, bass and electronics.
Igaki Akiko: Violin, voice, accordion, keyboard.

The concert takes place during the SPIP-Media Ateliers (21-23 Nov).

I need a witness to perform

Kajsa Sandström (SE) and David Bergé (BE/DE) will have this weekend the shortest residency of HOTELbich ever. They are in the middle of a reharsel process for their new piece, which they will premier at Weld in Stockholm 13 December. At HOTELbich they will make an informal showing on sunday, 16 Nov, 4pm.

”The desire to work together comes from a common interest in bringing performative elements into another frame than the theater. Looking for ways where photography, the process of recording images, can merge with movement and stagepresence.”

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WIEDER-Aufbau 4

Wednesday, 12 Nov 2008, 20:30

in-betweenissage - show - two videos and all for the sake of sound:

with the presentation of Jérôme Porspergers expo,
a performance by the current resident Boris Baltschun
and an 'wiederaufgebaute' (reconstructed) installation by Baltschun/Helbich.

Jérôme Porsperger, Brussels
Do you know: pa papa papapapapapa? (2008)
nine A0 prints, one CD player
Jérôme Porsperge
opera autorouta (2008)
Boris Baltschun, Berlin, current resident of HOTELbich
bruoc sella pre-listening (2008)
sound-art performance
Boris Baltschun + David Helbich (Brussels)
There are many ways of saying Gleichzeitigkeit (2005)
dubble video-sound installation
+ Noises (2009)
DJ set Boris Baltschun