"I wish you free time but work!"

HOTELBichs FREI-Zeit presents the partYvent:

A-G Institut (Hamburg) feat. The Grumbling Audience
"Post-Punk pour en finir avec le travail"
Friday, October 24, 2008 at 10:05pm - Saturday, October 25, 2008 at 4:25am

After two weeks of residency, Gustave Inc. organises a party around the results of his inquiry into The Structural Creation of Free Time during at Work. Next to crazy dancing and controlled drinking, you'll get in touch with some strategies to avoid work. For example by checking out this party!
Read also the request of Gustave Inc. below!

PARCOURS 3: Tourist in your Own City

19 October 2008, Sunday:
PARCOURS is a collaboration between four North-Brussels based organizations: Compilothèque, Eléphant, Void*ptr en HOTELbich.

PARCOURS 3 will have an overarching theme: "Tourist in your own city", which will be refined also during the next parcours organized at the end of November and the beginning of January. With psycho-geographical, photographical, political, joyful and simply touristic concepts this PARCOURS aims to give new meanings to the streets of Schaerbeek.

PARCOURS is free of charge, you can join in at any time. Food and drinks will be sold at reasonable prices. Bring your digital photo camera!

Programm here:

HALB-Zeit - Sunday, 5 Oct., 7 pm

HOTELbich totally belives in the following combination of musical performance:

Larkin Grimm plays Larkin Grimms songs
Matthias Koole, Katlijne Lanneau play David Helbich + Gabriele Manca

Larkin Grimm (USA) (experimental folk) played a fantastic concert in La Compilothèque last month. The Brussels audience have all the luck in the world that she\'s coming back! She will be sharing her fairy-like world and amazing voice during an acoustic concert in HOTELbich. http://www.larkingrimm.com/

The young and virtuos guitar/recorder (that's a flute and not a tape machine...) duo Koole/Lanneau plays two pieces of very differnet concepts. Still, both are writen score music.

- Duo Di Follia by G.Manca (Italy) is a 5 minutes crazy house piece in high registers, writen in 1992 or 1995 or 2000 or 2005 (says the internet...).

- In Stein (ca. 7 min), by the consierge of HOTELbich, is a half free score: real notes and actions, but the time is organised by the players reading silently a text while playing. In the end performative gestures take slowy over. Its from 1999, so very old music form a still very young composer!

After the concert the bar will stay open. And don't forget: HALB-Zeit = still 3 month to go!

(pictures by Tine Declerck)

Score of In Stein, first page: