HALB-Zeit - Sunday, 5 Oct., 7 pm

HOTELbich totally belives in the following combination of musical performance:

Larkin Grimm plays Larkin Grimms songs
Matthias Koole, Katlijne Lanneau play David Helbich + Gabriele Manca

Larkin Grimm (USA) (experimental folk) played a fantastic concert in La Compilothèque last month. The Brussels audience have all the luck in the world that she\'s coming back! She will be sharing her fairy-like world and amazing voice during an acoustic concert in HOTELbich. http://www.larkingrimm.com/

The young and virtuos guitar/recorder (that's a flute and not a tape machine...) duo Koole/Lanneau plays two pieces of very differnet concepts. Still, both are writen score music.

- Duo Di Follia by G.Manca (Italy) is a 5 minutes crazy house piece in high registers, writen in 1992 or 1995 or 2000 or 2005 (says the internet...).

- In Stein (ca. 7 min), by the consierge of HOTELbich, is a half free score: real notes and actions, but the time is organised by the players reading silently a text while playing. In the end performative gestures take slowy over. Its from 1999, so very old music form a still very young composer!

After the concert the bar will stay open. And don't forget: HALB-Zeit = still 3 month to go!

(pictures by Tine Declerck)

Score of In Stein, first page:

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