WIEDER-Aufbau 3

Sunday, 3 August 2008
13h !! an easy-peasy vacation gathering at HOTELbich

Joanna Bailie + Christoph Ragg re-open their:
Camera Obscura (with totally new soundtrack by Bailie!)
Same trick, but different light, different light angel. And: still stunningly beautiful! Before we break it down let's enjoy once more.
Travis Robertson invites to:
A viewing of selected episodes from Satoshi Kon’s ‘Paranoia Agent’
‘Everybody is manipulated by the media, what a bunch of idiots.’ – Yuichi Taira

"A young boy with a baseball bat supposedly attacks a famous character designer under extreme stress to replicate her past success. News of the attack spreads through the media and internet, and enters the minds of the populace.
The assaults continue on people suffering from unbearable emotional and mental stress on the edge of nervous breakdown. By becoming victims, they are freed from their mental and emotional anguish, they are saved.
The nature of our hero /attacker’s persona increases, along with his power, as we follow the investigation of the attacks, victims, and the rumors that circulate.
Paranoia Agent explores post-modern societal issues of the mimetic influence of media, escapism, and consumer culture." (T. Robertson, artist under the roof of HOTELbich till end september)
Rinah Lang hides again in the:
Live Instant Portrait Machine
You remember? Sit down on the chair - insert (whatever) coin - keep quiet in one position - Portrait will be finished when released out the rip - keep smiling!
Christoph Ragg makes:
Crêpes without gluten!
adable also without gluten-allergy, it seems.
David Helbich serves:

interessting articels about the (anti-)manga shown on sunday:
"Entertainment Re-oriented: Atomic Pop Pt. II: Hello Kitty and the Rape of Nanking"
Satoshi Kon interview

HOTELbich Wieder-Aufbau 3

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