6 FEB 2010 Cross the land - a procession by bus

MOTELbich presents a performative bustour
from Brussels t to the opening of greyzone at Z33 in Hasselt and back to Brussels.

Next to being a means of transport
the tour is a symbolic act.
It is a procession
bringing an object of cult back to where it came from:
the gallery space.

16h15 departure Brussels bus from Av d Stalingradlaan 26, 1000 Brussels
(close to south station)
19h15 start opening Z33, Hasselt
with loads of stuff till 0h00
0h00 departure Hasselt

back to Brussels
(no stops, but some weird noises from the engine of the vehicle...)

for the program of the entire exhibition
"Nepotists, opportunists, freaks, friends and strangers, intersecting in the grey zone"
check out:

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