The Pitch at micromarché café in BXL

The Pitch (Berlin)
Michael Thieke - clarinet
Boris Baltschun - pump organ
Koen Nutters - upright bass
Morten J. Olsen (from MoHa!) - vibraphone

recordings from the concert will be pressed on vinyl soon. Here already a pretaste!

Sunday, 29 Nov 2009, 18h
Micromarché Café
Quai à la Houille 9 Steenkoolkaai, 1000 BXL
(between Saint Cathrine and Yzer)

"With the help of several acoustic devices The Pitch navigates through sonic territories with a fairly unique approach and instrumentation. Their navigational tools are the exaltation of a clarinet, the bruteness of a pump organ, the colors of a vibraphone and the airy profoundness of a double bass. The quartet neither plays compositions nor do they improvise - they play music that is structured in such a way that it garantees a maximum of flexibility yet ensures an audible coherence of pitch and sound material. The result is a beautiful combination of Feldman-like-melodies and slowly evolving tapestries of layered colorful sumptuousness evoking feelings of timelessness and expansion."
John Brown (The Wire)

FACEBOOK: look for the event on the MOTELbich group and confirm your presence!

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