KLEIN at micromarché, 16h, 13NOV2010

 Your next Saturday looks like this:

first you gonna check out the postcard of C&H at 12h in S(a)int Gilles, have a Guldenberg in Verschuren, walk slowly through the most bizarre parts of the center, slender over the fishiest market of town and then you hang out in the ViVia Café at Micromarché, preparing yourself with hot chocolate and a soup (not at the same time you freaks!), which fades you into a beautiful concert of this har...dcore-sensitive pop experiment from our eastern neighbors.

After, you give me a massage and then you may do what you want.
As long as you invite me...


ViaVia Café at Micromarché
Steenkoolkaai 9 Quai de Houille
1000 Brussels

costs a voluntary contribution (feed their hat!)

Lutz Nikolaus Kratzer (Vocals, Drums,Guitar,Electronics)
Cordula Grolle (Vocals, Cello)
Karsten Deutschmann (guitars,Keyboard,Bass pedal,Violin)

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